“I enjoy wearing masks. They make me feel safe and protected…” (see more)

“I always use music to force myself into a certain mood. I wanted to be happy. Thus; 29 Miles Up…” (see more) 

Audio File: Listen Here

These words represent my emotions and how I have grown during Covid-19 (see more)

“All the people who have helped people survive the COVID-19 outbreak are a bright spot, a bright spot in a bundle of light…” (see more) 

“Our goal was to explore hope within diversity. When was the last time our entire nation, or even the entire world, felt united under one common cause?” (see more)

“We shouldn’t lose hope, love and kindness during this pandemic. They are the most important element for us to fight the virus and win.” (see more)

“As an artist, I work creatively to develop work that resonates with not only myself but those who see my work…” (see more)

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