“…we all need to be on the good side and fight for our lives, end police brutality, and become a nation where it doesn’t matter what you look like or, what color your skin is, to be treated with respect.” (see more)

“Personally, I’ve felt extremely trapped in my own home. Seeing the same walls of my room everyday, not seeing my friends, and not going to sports practices has become the new normal.” (see more)

“My inspiration behind the piece was the protests going on in the U.S. about the coronavirus. I represented the people protesting through animals, to show the anger and impatience that we possess that these wild creatures also have.” (see more)

“The proportion of the black background to the white shows how we view our own houses compared to the outside world where people want to go.” (see more)

“I attempted to create an image of being “trapped” within myself by barricading myself in the middle of the installation to represent how my life has been forever changed.” (see more)

“Since I’ve been in self-isolation I felt like I has been invaded by fear represented.” (see more)

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