“I feel upset every time I see another place caution taped off. The reason why it’s named ‘Neighbor’s View’ is because that would be your view of the world if you were from a different planet.” (see more)

“The collage represents the noise of life in a pandemic. Then using colored pencils I drew a girl with headphones. I imagine she is lost in her favorite song so for a moment she is transported to another place.(see more)

“Being in nature alone, one of the only activities I was allowed to do, served as my main source of comfort through the pain of being quarantined and losing my senior year…” (see more)

“The red and black ominous background was made to create a feeling of loss and uncertainty…(see more)

“One of the hallmarks of being a teenager is falling in love for the first time, but what if that happens right before a global pandemic?…(see more)

“…this should remind us of summer. Unfortunately, summer this year will be different for us…” (see more)

“With no social interaction and not talking to anyone for days, I feel like my chest physically hurts from isolation…(see more)

“For our entire lives, the world has been ending in some way, so by now most of us have gotten over it and instead of choosing to worry, we simply vibe…” (see more)

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