Madison Mok

12th Grade, Oaks Christian School

“This piece is symbolic for what is missing in my life, or what quarantine took away from me.

There is a hole in my head because of school closure and learning through a screen is just not the same as being in class and being immersed in learning.

There is a hole in my right shoulder because softball is cancelled for school and my travel team that was supposed to play over the summer. Softball during senior year was supposed to be an exciting year, but now it is missing from my life.

There is a hole in my heart because of the feelings of emptiness I have had for the past few months. With no social interaction and not talking to anyone for days, I feel like my chest physically hurts from isolation, like there is an actual hole in my chest.”

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Artwork painting of person in blue shirt with holes in their head, shoulder and heart
Something Missing (2020)

Audio: Listen to Anna Wadman (Chair, Oaks Christian School Visual Arts Department), Tish Greenwood (Creative Director, CMATO) and Lynn Farrand (Senior Curator, CMATO) discuss “Something Missing” by Madison Mok.

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