Hannah Nio

9th Grade, Oaks Christian School

“I decided to use objects that represented what everyday life has looked like for myself.

Hand sanitizer, toiletries, face masks, computers, and other objects that have become too important in my life. The hanging lights above depicted complacency and comfort because it reminded me of outside patios, different changing seasons, anything to help with the anxiety our entire population is experiencing at the moment.

Video thumbnail with an image of multiple fire extinguishers in a large room

My New Normal??? (2020)

Inspired by Sarah Sze, I attempted to create an image of being “trapped” within myself by barricading myself in the middle of the installation to represent how my life has been forever changed. The rope around my wrists and draped around the multiple computers represents how my life has been overtaken by the digital world. I depend on them for my academic and social needs, thus neutralizing the “analog” craving I have for real human interaction, therefore becoming “My New Normal.”

Andy Goldsworthy’s art involves the usage of natural materials to visualize the passage of time, so I created my own way of representing the passage of time since being ordered to stay at home. Household items have become somewhat natural since I have been forced to stay inside. I used this to my advantage to represent mental health and the impact this virus has on everyday life.”

Audio: Listen to Anna Wadman (Chair, Oaks Christian School Visual Arts Department) and Tish Greenwood (Creative Director, CMATO) discuss “My New Normal???” by Hannah Nio.

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