Isabella Marasco & Micaela Kastor

10th Grade, Oaks Christian School

“Our goal was to explore hope within diversity. When was the last time our entire nation, or even the entire world, felt united under one common cause?

To portray this message we gathered video from around the world to show that through difference hope unites us all.

An original poem was written for our project to help further communicate this concept of hope and what it specifically means to the world at this time.”

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Video thumbnail showing person with arms outstretched in front of the sun

HOPE (2020)

Original poem by Alyson Choi. Directed by Isabella Marasco. Edited by Micaela Kastor.

Hear Anna Wadman, Chair of the Oaks Christian School Visual Arts Department, talk with Florencia Glas, Special Project Manager at CMATO about “HOPE” by Micaela Kastor & Isabella Marasco:

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