Morgan Gillio

10th Grade, Oaks Christian School

“My artwork piece isn’t supposed to provoke a sense of beauty, though I do want people to be drawn to it. I wanted to catch my viewers attention through something almost dream-like.

My inspiration behind the piece was the protests going on in the U.S. about the corona virus. I represented the people protesting through animals, to show the anger and impatience that we possess that these wild creatures also have. Humans should be civil and understanding and yet some of us act like caged animals. Even the song that plays in the piece has meaning.

Departure by The Moody Blues talks of deprivation, as they say it “There’s something inside that we need so much”. It also adds a touch of insanity to my piece, making it feel more surreal to the viewer.”

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Video thumbnail of a rabbit with red eyes with the words "wear a mask" and "stay safe"

Behind the Protest (2020)

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