Emily Rodgers

8th Grade, One Spark Academy

“This piece shows how hard it is to find a safe beautiful space to get away from so many of the scary things around us. Not being able to go to school, to a friends house, go to the park, movies or the mall left few ways to get away. So I got the idea to clip all the headlines from newspapers about covid-19, all the things cancelled and places closed. With them I created a collage. I glued the headlines down and put a sepia wash over them so they looked aged. The collage represents the noise of life in a pandemic. Then using colored pencils I drew a girl with headphones. I imagine she is lost in her favorite song so for a moment she is transported to another place. When the song ends the noise returns so there is no peace. Creating this ironically collage gave me an escape from Covid all it changes. Art takes me away and gives me a way to express my thoughts and feelings. It makes me happy!

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No Peace (2020) Mixed Media.

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