Kai Tanger

9th Grade, Oaks Christian School

“One of the hallmarks of being a teenager is falling in love for the first time, but what if that happens right before a global pandemic? 

This artwork displays my feelings of loneliness and frustration caused by not being able to be with my boyfriend. During the quarantine we have been allowed to see each other once, which was at a 20 foot distance. “Love in the Time of Quarantine” is a depiction of this event. The sunset represents the closing of the day and the promise of tomorrow being better. Although it has been difficult, I’ve learned that solid relationships can weather any obstacle and not even COVID-19 can keep us from staying connected. 

This piece of digital art was achieved by using Photoshop. The layers are composed of a digital photograph, that I had taken pre-quarantine, and hand drawn silhouettes. Life may have been interrupted, but love continues.”

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Two people sitting in silhouette against a dark sky
Love in the Time of Quarantine (2020)

Audio: Listen to Lynn Farrand (Senior Curator, CMATO), Tish Greenwood (Creative Director, CMATO) and Roya Alt (Assistant Director, CMATO) discuss “Love in the Time of Quarantine” by Kai Tanger.

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